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Virtual Data Management for Investment Banking

As data volume, complexity and speed continue to increase, companies need to find ways to improve their data management, enhance security and streamline collaboration. This is the reason why virtual data management has emerged as an effective solution to help organizations improve and streamline their information processes.

In the field of investment banking, for example, IPOs, capital raising and M&A are common activities that require sharing sensitive documents. In these cases, businesses need a VDR to share documents with external parties and ensure that the information is available only to authorized users.

Traditional VDRs use the structure of folders to organize and store data. This structure allows administrators to quickly and easily share the information that they need, without incurring additional costs or sacrificing the quality of their data. However, this approach also introduces complicated synchronization processes and could result in a variety of results from analytic analysis. These disparities could be significant to the decision-making process, and reduce confidence in the data-driven decisions.

Dremio solves these problems by using data virtualization to create a semantic layer. Dremio eliminates the need for data duplicate and synchronization. All data is available directly from the central data warehouse or source. This results in significant cost savings on storage and data movement expenses. Dremio’s rich integrations allow administrators to model their data marts in virtual form by using SQL queries or point-and-click.

Venue’s logical layer of data makes it simple to connect to systems, and combine data to make it more convenient for your customers. This provides a self service user interface and a business data directory to find, explore and consume the virtual data space information that is virtualized.


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