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Top 7 Best Crypto Leverage Trading Platforms in 2024

It’s worth noting that leveraged trading is a risky strategy and should only be attempted by experienced traders who understand the risks involved. However, the product is limited to 5x leverage on spot markets across a relatively small number of popular cryptocurrencies. With perpetual futures, 100x leverage is offered for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In addition, Margex is trying to lure traders by providing one of the lowest fees in the business. Most people that use BlockFi and Celsius for loans are not interested in selling their Bitcoin because they believe its value will increase long term. These platforms offer Bitcoin and Ethereum investors the ability to unlock the value of their assets without having to sell. Stop-loss is a risk-management tool that closes your trade at a specific amount if the market moves in an unfavorable direction. Trading with smaller amounts keeps your risk low and prevents you from using all your funds in 1 trade. Using lower leverage allows you to retain more funds and open more trades.

best leverage for crypto trading

Investors can also take advantage of the platform’s copy trading feature to potentially make more profit from futures. Traders should be familiar with the order book and trading fees and use proper deposit funds. Perpetual futures are available for those interested in trading other cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Ripple, or Cosmos.

Cryptocurrency regulation and access are complex factors in every market, and not all exchanges offer universal access to margin. Consider an exchange that’s readily available to you to avoid limitations to your activity. Now we’ve covered how leverage trading works, let’s look at some of the top exchanges for applying the technique. PrimeXBT also offers 200x but is considered a multi-platform and doesn’t qualify as a pure crypto exchange. This would not be possible on a spot exchange and that is one of the main differences between spot and leveraged trading. When trading on a margin-traded platform you need to maintain a certain amount as a margin requirement to first open your position and then keep your position open.

Opening a short position, on the other hand, indicates your prediction that the asset’s price will decline. Unlike KuCoin, most of the other exchanges with high leverage strictly ban U.S. residents. Because of that, American traders try to find alternative ways to access those platforms. First and Spot Trading Vs Margin Buying And Selling Pros And Cons For Binance the most prominent among them is undoubtedly the Kraken, which offers 5x leverage for all trading pairs. Admittedly, that’s a tiny amount compared to leverage in other countries, but better anything than nothing. Leverage is a loan; you must repay the borrowed funds plus any interest accrued.

This means your digital assets aren’t susceptible to counterparty risks. Buy and sell orders are facilitated by smart contracts, ensuring safety and transparency. This includes everything from Bitcoin, Polkadot, and Shiba Inu to Arbitrum, Maker, and Bonk. OKX is one of the best crypto leverage platforms for trading options.

In all 3 modes, selecting a trading pair, entering the number of funds to use, and choosing a leverage amount is simple. The platform also shows the maximum buy or sell amount with the available funds in the margin wallet. Read reviews and testimonials from other users, especially those who are also new to leverage trading. A strong community can also provide support and learning opportunities, enhancing your understanding of market trends and risk management techniques. For instance, DeFi platforms may offer a lot more assets than centralized crypto exchanges.

Although 100x leveragedBitcoin margin trades are allowed in other countries, trading with only 5x leverage is permitted in America. This again applies to the expensive licenses we mentioned above. Although the Kraken is licensed for this type of trade throughout the United States, Washington, and New York are the only ones still not allowed this type of trade. Again, the assumption is that this is due to the high prices of the necessary licenses.

best leverage for crypto trading

With perpetual futures, 125x leverage is available for both cross and isolated when trading popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the leverage available falls to 20x for coins without high liquidity. Leverage trading is a feature offered by many cryptocurrency exchanges today, and some refer to the technique as margin trading.

  • Together they offer products such as Swaps, Perpetuals, Futures, Options, and Lite contracts.
  • Research the platform’s history and user reviews before trusting them with your money.
  • With leveraged trading this is called setting a Stop-Loss, and given the amplified risk is crucial to avoid unrestricted losses.
  • Traders in the United States need to ensure their chosen exchange complies with local regulations.
  • When it comes to transaction costs, Bybit’s fees are based on a maker-and-taker model with discounts for high-volume traders.

A platform adhering to legal standards is more likely to offer secure trading environments. Check for security features like two-factor authentication (2FA), cold storage for digital assets, and insurance against cyber theft. While leverage trading suits those seeking aggressive, short-term gains, margin trading is preferred by those aiming for steadier, more calculated exposure. • Features an NFT marketplace with zero gas fees, enhancing the trading experience for NFT collectors and traders. • Provides leveraged tokens without the need for collateral or margin maintenance, reducing liquidation risks. Furthermore, BYDFi offers users a unique opportunity to conduct trading in a secure and regulated environment.

best leverage for crypto trading

The best leverage for crypto varies based on the trader’s experience, risk tolerance, and market conditions. Generally, lower leverage (like 2x to 5x) is safer, especially for beginners. High leverage can lead to large losses quickly and should be used cautiously.

best leverage for crypto trading

Most novice traders add to their losing positions like it was a long-term leverage investing strategy. Crossed margin tells your trading broker to use all the margin capital you have in your account as risk capital to support any losing position. This means that each leveraged position you open only has access to a certain amount of margin capital, or risk capital, as it is also called. If you have been involved in the crypto markets for a while you know how volatile things can get and when you add leveraged trading to the equation, you need to be fully prepared. CFDs are usually traded with high leverage, so this type of trading is not allowed in the USA.

Good traders, those who make money consistently, and avoid giving it back, are the traders you want to learn from. So remember, practice your breakout trading, I know many traders that make a good living only trading one setup. Every trader who gets married to their positions and can’t let them go because of ego or some other emotion will not make it. That is all you can control as a trader, no it’s up to the market to go where it wants to go and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Imagine you had 1,000 USDT, and you used that to borrow 1,000 USDT more. If BTC drops to a point where you would lose your borrowed margin (the 1,000 USDT that you borrowed), the position will close automatically. And since 1,000 is exactly 50% of 2,000, your liquidation price will be 50% below your entry price. The liquidation price is the point where the exchange will force-close your position automatically.


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