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Board Room Services

The boardroom is the center of a company. The boardroom is where important decisions are made and strategies are created to maintain corporate integrity. The consequences of these choices will be felt by all involved – from the employees a business employs as well as the investors who own its shares to the economy itself. Therefore, it is essential that the boardroom be set up appropriately.

A well-appointed and comfortable boardroom, like our collaborative workspaces and shared offices, conveys the high standards and ethos of your business. This leaves an impression on clients and builds their trust in you. We have a variety of boardrooms that can be adapted to accommodate a variety of meeting needs. Our rental package includes all equipment including training, as well as ongoing service support.

We also provide a boardroom as a service that lets your team book a room on a on-demand basis for a small monthly fee. This includes the most up-to-date technology that allows video conferences and presentations. Newline Qand interactive screens allow you to work online and in-person with groups and hold meetings.

Boards are now expected to eliminate paper in order to enhance the experience of meetings. In addition to ensuring all meeting minutes are accurate digital platforms can be useful in other areas, like making agendas and approving motions. With a digital boardroom, you will reduce the cost of printing and distribution and also the time spent preparing for each meeting.

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