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Board Meeting Procedures

Board meeting procedures define how discussions are conducted and which decisions are made at a board meeting. The majority of these meetings are conducted remotely so it’s essential to establish clear rules for board meetings in place to ensure all members are on the same page.

The first step is to send all members the agenda, along with any relevant documents, such as financial reports or projections for the company. This will allow members to prepare for the meeting, and provides them with the information they need to make an informed decision on any subject.

During the meeting, members should be encouraged to raise their hands before making comments or asking questions. However, they should be mindful of time and avoid asking questions that have already been answered in the board’s handbook and wasting valuable time.

Any issues not listed on the agenda can only be discussed with the agreement of the Chairman and a https://boardmeetingapps.blog/board-meeting-agenda-items-and-protocols/ majority of Directors present at the meeting. Furthermore, any resolution will be adopted by a vote of the Directors present at the meeting. In case of an equal number of votes, the Chairman will be the sole vote.

The vote occurs after a declaration from the member and the chair has confirmed that there is a quorum in the room (usually a specific percentage, dependent on the laws of your state). The chairman then announces that the motion “dies because of the absence of a 2nd”. If the need for a vote arises during the meeting, it is usually conducted by the chair who reiterates the motion, and asks for affirmative votes first. This is followed by negative votes prior to making announcements about the results.


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